Arduino 的开源 CNC 控制器 GRBL (G 代码解释器)

Traditional CNC machines used old-fashioned printer / parallel ports to connect to a computer.The computer then sends the signals to the motor’s over individual cables.
传统的数控机床使用老式打印机 / 并行端口连接到计算机。然后计算机通过单独的连线将信号发送到马达端。

So why would you want to use a Arduino powered CNC controller?
那么 为什么你会选择 Arduino 驱动的 CNC 控制器呢?

Well the team from Dank that developed the software called Grbl have a few good reason for doing so. Here are their reasons..
好的,来自 Dank 的软件开发团队称 Grbl 有充份的理由让你这样做。这是他们给出的理由…

Who should use Grbl
谁会使用 Grbl

  • Makers who do milling and need a nice, simple controller for their system
    制造商的铣削系统需要一个友好的、 简单的控制器
  • People who loathe to clutter their space with legacy PC-towers just for the parallel-port
    那些讨厌杂乱的旧的塔式 PC 并行端口的人
  • Tinkerers who need a controller written in tidy, modular C as a basis for their project.
    超级玩家需要一个可写入的控制器,为他们以 C 作为基础的模块化项目

I can actually think of a lot more than just those.With a bit of tinkering you can actually make your CNC machine run in headless mode where you just upload your design to the Arduino and the machine will do the rest without the need of a PC.
事实上,我能想到的不仅仅是这些还有更多,稍微改造下,你可以让你的数控机床在无上位机的模式运行,只要上传你的 Arduino 设计,机器无需再连接计算机就会工作。

You could also add a Wireless connection to the Arduino allowing you to remotely control your CNC machine from a mobile device.
你还可以为 Arduino 添加一个无线连接,以允许你从移动设备远程控制您的数控机床。